Lloyd’s Gardens of London

Bringing Your Spaces To Life

Garden featured designed by Taryn Ferris

A professional design & landscaping company in London

Our mission is to create and build great working outdoor spaces and driveways for you and your family across London.

If you’d like award-winning experience, quality installations and support from inception to completion, we should work together.

Dreams into reality

From the start of working together, you receive our experience and professionalism in helping to turn your dreams into reality.

We know our clients and your wants, desires and fears. We are the facilitators working towards creating your wonderful outdoor spaces.

Professional garden design

A correct design means you receive your correct space, giving you many years of pleasure. We survey your space and draw up options based on who you are and how you want to use it.

The design is all about you. It connects your inside with the out. It is an extension of your lifestyle, personality and flair.

Working with designers and architects

We work closely with garden designers and architects having built respectful and professional relationships.

Key to this successful relationship is the trust you have with us to turn your designs into reality. After all, we are being asked to care and bring up your baby.







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