The Honeybourne Line

Lloyd’s Gardens of London are all about transformation of space.  One of our team recently went to visit some family in Cheltenham and took a few photos of the Honeybourne Line. The old Honeybourne Line is similar to the Parkland Walk in North London as in it is a disused railway line that has been transformed into a popular cycle route/walkway and is popular with locals. It was a bit grey when they visited but we love that this walkway can be enjoyed by anyone as the path is tarmac and wide, there’s a playground for children at one end and halfway along some interesting (commissioned) graffiti. If you don’t get to see the Cheltenham Banksy then do make sure you check out the graffiti in the tunnel by Waitrose! We also found a wonderful timelapse video of the whole of the Honeybourne Line route so you can walk it virtually!