Bombed Church Gardens! Part 2

We’ve been reacquainting ourselves with central London in the past few months, and coming across places we’ve not been to before.  Another bombed-out church which has been turned into public gardens is St Dunstan in the East. St Dunstan in the East The ruins of a medieval church and Wren tower now make for one of the most beautiful church gardens in London. The City of London turned the ruins into a garden in 1967 and were opened to the public in 1970.  They are grade 1 listed so are protected from further development. It is a popular spot for city workers who seek the cool ruins in the summer to escape the hustle and bustle. An unusual plant can be found in the lower garden, winter’s bark, drimy winteri. Its leaves are high in Vitamin C and were once eaten to prevent scurvy! Read more about this fascinating place over on the City of London website